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Mentos Gum Containers
Submitted by Stephanie, Oahu, HI

Hi there! I have a great way to store your pennies while you are on a smashing mission. Plastic mentos Gum containers are the perfect shape for already smashed pennies. It holds about 50. The contianer is small so it'll fit in a purse or pocket. Just wanted to share this with you guys. I've found it makes things a bit easier.

Mini M&M Containers
Submitted by Kristina

Mini M&M Containers work great for storing your quarters and pennies when going on a squishin' mission.

The containers holds exactly 40 quarters and 20 pennies -- enough to roll 5 sets of 4. You can prestack them (2 quarters and penny, 2 quarters and a penny, etc.) then just slide the number of coins you want to use out in your hand and you're ready to go.

Pill Bottle I
Submitted by Carol M.

I collect pre-82 pennies and keep them in my old prescription bottles. I date each one with the year of the penny for easy pressing when I want a specificate date. The bottles are usually plastic and are child-proof so they are sealed tight.

Pill Bottle II
Submitted by Bryan L.

Save your prescription bottles. I have found that a prescription bottle is exactly the right size for 12 pennies and 24 quarters. Our pharmacist refers to this bottle as the 8 dram size. And after the pennies are smashed, just put them back in the bottle. Fill the bottle and keep it in your coat pocket or in the car.

Film Canister
Submitted by Adam J.

When you forget your holder while traveling, 9 outta 10 times you've got a little black film cannister. This works perfect to store both pressed and unpressed coins. Works wonders on vaction. Hope this helps someone, it sure did my son and I.

Tight-Fitting Pennies
Tested by

We intentionally make the sleeves tight in the PennyCollector books so that air will not get to the coins and tarnish them. However, because every penny from a different year has a different composition of metal, and machines can be set to varying degrees of pressure, the variances of the length of the rolled coins can be substantial.
(See picture)

Try this:
1) Put the tail side in first (pointy side)
2) Flatten the coin if necessary
3) Use a nickel or a quarter to help push it in
4) Curverd neddle-nosed pliers work well in extreme cases

Prevent Tarnishing
Submitted by

After multiple trips to the Home Depot, we have discovered that the best way to prevent tarnish from returning to a cleaned coin is a good coat of Varathane Diamond Wood Finish (clear).

This is the same product that we use on the elongated pennies we have sealed into the cover of the PennyCollectorTM books during their manufacture.

Exposure to the air is what causes a penny to tarnish over time. The Varathane seals the penny to prevent the air from reaching its surface.


Nail Sealer
Submitted by Josephine

Shine your penny then take clear nail paolish and put it all over your penny. Your penny will soon then be clean from then on!

If you still are not satisfied with the results then you can use nail polish remover and remove the clear nail polish. It will not work with any old clear nail polish but Maybelline Salon finish!


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