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Orlando Airport - Sea World Store Machine Locations > Florida

Orlando Airport
Orlando, FL

Orlando International Airport is like a shopping mall, with stores representing various central Florida attractions such as Disney World, Universal Studios, Kennedy Space Center, and Sea World. At one time many of these airport stores featured penny press machines. These days, the Sea World store is the only store at the airport with a penny press machine.

There are actually two Sea World stores, at opposite ends of the terminal building. There are two terminals, with the shopping area connecting them. The Sea World store with the machine is on the Terminal A side of the building, and it is the Sea World store adjacent to the Kennedy Space Center store.

The airport's shopping area is located before the airline security stations, so you can enter and shop without having a boarding pass or any intention of flying.

Sea World owns other attractions as well, and their designs are included in this set. A Sea World penny book is available in the store ($4.99).

Designs are:
1) Sea World logo with Shamu
2) Discovery Cove Orlando logo with dolphin/person swimming together
3) Aquatica logo with two Commerson's Dolphins
4) Busch Gardens logo with tiger.

12/6/2014 update: The machine is still there. It's in the store designated as "Sea World #2" on the directories, which is at the opposite end of main concourse Terminal A from Sea World #1. Visually confirmed. jnm

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