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Ford's Theater Machine Locations > Washington DC

511 10th Street NW between E and F Streets
Washington DC, DC


There are two machines (51 cents) here, one in the lobby of the Ford Theater near the box office and the other across the street in the gift shop of the new Center for Education and Leadership adjoined to the Petersen House. You can get to both machines without a ticket. Machine 2: All Pennies are imprinted with "Ford's Theater, where Lincoln's Legacy Lives" on the back of each Design. :
1) A Lincoln signature and "One Country, One Destiny".
2) The Ford Theater Building.
3) The Presidential Box where Lincoln was Shot.
4) A Bust of Lincoln.

8/3/14 the front image rolls fine, the back rolls short consistently (D in Ford missing) Retired 3: The backs of all the Pennies are the same as in Machine 1.
1) "The Road to the White House" with a picture of the back of the Train Car that carried President Lincoln to the White House with the President greeting well - wishers.
2) A Presidential Seal. The Top Banner reads "Abraham Lincoln", and the Bottom Banner reads 16th President.
3) Has an image of the White House, and above it reads "Abraham Lincoln", and below the image, it reads "The White House 1861 - 1865".
4) The image appears to be a clean shaven portrait of Lincoln. Above the image, the Banner reads "One Country One Destiny".

Retired 1: It is sold out!! Pre Pressed Pennies:
1) The Image is of Lincoln in front of the US Flag. It says Lincoln Bicentennial 1809 - 2009. An Imprint is on the back as well.

03/02/15: I was told by the box office staff that there is a second machine located across the street in the Petersen House (but most likely in the Center for Education and Leadership at 514 10th Street, NW, adjacent to the Petersen House) but that it had the same pennies as the Ford's machine. I could not verify this as the Center was closed due to recent flooding because of the severely cold weather this winter (a pipe burst!). The Petersen House is where Abraham Lincoln was taken after being shot and where he died the next morning, April 15, 1865. I will verify the Petersen/Center location after repairs are finished.

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