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Cheesequake Service Area (Garden State Parkway) Machine Locations > New Jersey

Mile Post 124.1
South Amboy, NJ , 08879


5/09/16: Machines are gone.

There are 9 service centers accessible from the Garden State Parkway's mainline that are open 24 hours a day and offer fuel, phone, information, restrooms, a variety of food services and other amenities.

Retired 1: 1. "GOOD LUCK PENNY" w/ flower and horseshoe (V) 2. "STATUE OF LIBERTY" w/ head of Statue of Liberty (V) 3. "YOU ARE VERY SPECIAL TO ME" w/ each word inside a heart (V) 4. "PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN" w/ flag and ribbon (H) Note, all pennies squished off-center

Retired 2: 1. "SEPTEMBER 11, 2001" "New YORK" w/ Manhattan skyline inclding Twin Towers (H) 3. "1973-2001" "NEW YORK" w/ Twin Towers (V) Had one mis-role. Seems the arrow that point where to line up engraving is slightly tilted up.

Machine 1

Machine 2