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Walt Disney World, Animal Kingdom Lodge Machine Locations > Florida

Lake Buena Vista, FL


all of the machines were working great 10-1-07

Pumbaa's Fun and Games was broke 3/10/08

There are many machines throughout Walt Disney World (a mix of Eurolink and PennyCollector) and they change constantly. No one list is accurate or complete, so please use the information here as a guide only. You may want to consult James' very fine listings available at before venturing out. And once in the park, you may also want to ask for a listing at Guest Services. Finally, if you've come unprepared and need quarters or pennies, the various shops are generally willing to help you out.

Some Disney scans are courtesy of For more Disney elongated coin scans, detailed information on Disney designs and Elongated coin news about Disney designs and other Disney items, please visit ParkPennies very comprehensive site.

The Animal Kingdom Lodge is located in Disney's Animal Kingdom® Park area.

Machine #1 - Safari Mickey, Mike (Monsters Inc 1 of 6), Safari Minnie
Machine #2 - Hyena (Lion King 7 of 7), Terk, Tantor & Young Tarzan (Tarzan 6 of 8), Pleakley (Lilo and Stitch 7 of 7)
Machine #3 - Mickey Mouse wearing African attire "Happiest Celebration on Earth"

Pumbaa's Fun & Games

The Mara

The Mara #2